Listen To Your Guides & Intuition!

So I'm about to get a little personal in this one. That is always the best time to write isn't it? lol anyway I have had so many asking about connecting with their own spirit guides and how to access them. Everyone is different and may access their guides in different ways but I find that I have connected with mine in my dream state and also within my intuition. My reasoning for wanting to write about this today is to kind of explain what happens when you DONT listen to your guides or your intuition!

So most know I had a baby in December, right after I had baby my guides were ready to put me back to work almost immediately, I was at a point where they basically said "Its time now, back to work". With that comes a shop, back to doing readings, energy work, manifesting work etc. Now I also have been working full time somewhere outside of my personal business through 2020 when I was pregnant (doing readings pregnant was very weird for me lol). Throughout the year at this place I really had experienced some things that I honestly have NEVER in my life experienced or felt, I had my first ever racist encounter, and surrounded by a lot of people that do not have the same thinking, a bunch of male power trips, and overall just in a environment where my personality offended weak minds very easily, and honestly have felt under minded as a women in my workplace. I have always usually worked in a male dominated industry outside of my own personal work and have never really dealt with any of this and along with that came the feelings of sadness, not worthy, trying to fix people, putting others before myself or my family, not appreciated, and disrespected in general!

I know I'm ranting here but I promise I am going to get to the point! I am now a little over a year here knowing months ago my time here should have ended . 1 because my guides vividly told me so, 2 I felt the unalignment within my energy field extremely, and 3 I was manifesting things that aligned with me extremely fast! Now we do have our ego selves and our higher selves and I have been going against my higher self or intuition, whichever you prefer because I was letting my ego self keep making justification for the toxic situation I was in, and honestly 1 week into this place and I already knew what type of situation it was,