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About Me

My name is Erlinda Inniss and I'm A professional tarot/energy reader, medium, and manifester.
I’ve been doing tarot for over 10 years and mediumship for 10 (that makes me feel so old lol!) but more importantly I am a healer and an intuitive with a gift for empowering people to break into the biggest shifts of positive change in their lives with the power of manifestation!I use the Mediumship, Manifesting, and Tarot as one of Many tools to help me to connect with people on a Deeper Soul level.My Intention is to provide those I come into contact with, with greater insight into the difficult parts of their life, but more than that I am gifted with the ability to understand, dig deep, and teach them how to transform any situation and form of energy into the energy that my clients can use to start living the life they want! With help from spirit, my guides and ancestors It is my life goal to help guide your soul back into alignment with your higher self and learn how to use your ability of manifestation. I’m here to help and be A friend while you are on the path of navigating the life you choose, to lift you up to be the fearless warrior and creator of your life. We are in A new world of energy now after these major shifts that have happened and I am here to help you remember and build your potential, to co-create with the world around you, and to strengthen your ability to magnetize positive things and abundance into your life.I live my life based upon the belief that you CAN have EVERYTHING you ever wanted you just have to ask for it! My mediumship abilities play A huge part in this as being able to provide the healing that needs reached when losing A loved one or multiple loved ones holds us in A space of being stuck and holding onto energy that truly keeps us from living in the present.
I look forward to working with you!
With love and light always,